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At Global we recognise that each of our clients is different, with very specific needs. For this reason, we profile each player and guide them through a bespoke physical, psychological and financial pathway that will lead to their goal.

Our team of industry specialists can ensure that you’re covered when it comes to all aspects of your career and any matters that may arise off the pitch. Covering everything from negotiations with football clubs on transfers, to new contracts, right up to commercial sponsorship and brand partnership; our team of experts share in your goal and can give you every opportunity to succeed.

At Global we also understand that the pressure you experience as a professional footballer or coach is unique. Players have a finite period of time to earn as much money as possible and an even smaller window of opportunity on attaining your maximum earning potential, we can provide the support network you need to maximise this opportunity.

Quite simply; you work hard for your money and those who you entrust to help protect, manage and grow it should be working just as hard. Rest assured the trusted team of experts that we work with, will.

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