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If you are a professional player or a Coach, we can arrange unique and exclusive services for you and your family such as : 


- private policy insurances

- finding house / apartment

- finding furnitures

- providing internet connection

- local sim with mobile number

- school for kids

- baby sitter and kinder garden

- housekeeping

- private driver

- cars (buying, leasing, renting)

- bank management (open bank account)

- custom duty management

- doctors appointments

- personal care (Spa, hairdresser)

- personal shopper

- flight booking

- restaurant booking

- private Jet / Helicopter

- Tax and financial consultacy


...we will take care of everything for you using the best providers from our extensive service portfolio. And on top of that there will be a GLOBAL manager on site available to you whenever you need. Our European experience combined with our local knowledge and attention to detail will ensure that your professional staying in a new country will be a complete success for you and your family.

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